You're Invited to my Virtual Salon!

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Remember when we used to get together in cafes, listen to live music and talk to each other?

It’s been hard to do that recently, so I am hosting a virtual salon.

  • Live music
  • Discussion about the song and related themes
  • Small group, breakout sessions
  • Meet and chat with interesting people
  • Free!

When: Sign up below to be informed about the next salon/virtual cafe and to receive a private Zoom link when it takes place. Hope to see you there!

I respect your privacy and value your trust.

I’ll play some live music, talk about the songs, and then we will break out into small, intimate groups – it will be like joining a small table at a cafe and meeting interesting new people. After, we’ll come back together and say goodbye until the next time!

Reserve your spot at the Songs for Thought salon today!

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I respect your privacy and value your trust.