Melding Space, Time and Love


Y. Dan Rubinstein – Like Galaxies Colliding

The Bandcamp Diaries shared the review below for “Like Galaxies Colliding”!

Y. Dan Rubinstein has just released the evocative and artistic new music video from his hit single “Like Galaxies Colliding.”

The artist is a talented singer-songwriter based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He’s well known for creating engaging compositions that explore relationships, contemporary social issues, and the experience of being in love.

What makes Dan’s music stands out in the industry is his lyrical compositions. The stories that he tells through the power of music are always intelligent and deeply poignant. This vital quality is reminiscent of iconic storytellers and lyrical masters such as Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, and Damien Rice.

In his new video release of “Like Galaxies Colliding,” Dan bravely explores the experience of two soul mates meeting and falling in love. The artist creates conceptual connections between love and the chaos, laws, and destiny of our universe and our galaxy.

With gripping lyrics like “the entanglement of bodies in space and time” and “galaxies colliding in the pitch black sky,” Dan shows his true colors as a wordsmith and a poet. His music almost reads like an eloquent and abstract contemporary poem.

Dan infuses his sound with folk, jazz, and rock. These different genres make his music unique and beautifully expressive. There is always something inherently romantic about Dan’s music and the video release for “Like Galaxies Colliding” embodies this perfectly. The style and vibe of this new release are reminiscent of pop icons such as Ed Sheeran and Sting, to mention but two.

The video release for “Like Galaxies Colliding” features a diverse array of exciting textures and vivid colors. These include fire, water, physical movement, and breathtaking galaxies, to mention but a few. These incredible images provide a visceral backdrop to the meeting between two people.

In “Like Galaxies Colliding” the artist visually melds together space, time, love, and the meeting of two soul mates. He likens the meeting of two souls like that of a gravitational experience.

In the artist’s own words: “Galaxies do indeed collide. It takes millions of years, but that’s fast compared to the age of the universe. And in our own lifetime, we collide, and these moments are fleeting, but they redefine us forever”

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